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Live Nation Thinks Big Outdoor Concerts Will Return This Summer

Live Nation Thinks Big Outdoor Concerts Will Return This Summer

Live Nation Thinks Big Outdoor Concerts Will Return This Summer

Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino predicts large-scale 2021 concerts and events could return in the United States by this summer.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled England’s new plans to phase out of COVID-19 restrictions.

If everything goes according to plan, England could completely erase coronavirus limitations by late June. Afterward, the U.K. saw a massive wave in ticket sales over the past few days. On Friday, Reading & Leeds confirmed that the entire festival is already close to selling out.

On the other hand, the timeline for bringing back live events in the U.S. is a bit different. Back in January, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that concerts could return in the U.S. this fall; depending on the rate of COVID-19 cases and vaccinations.

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However, Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino thinks that events may be able to resume even earlier. During this week, Rapino shared that large-scale concerts could come back as early as this Summer. However, there are still a lot of factors to consider even though Live Nation estimates July may be the return of events.

“Every day we seem to have a new state or country talking about when they’ll open up, so we’re feeling more optimistic than we were a month ago,” he said via Variety. “Lots of artists are calling, looking at how we start up in July, August, September. So for right now, we still believe we’ll have enough open in the U.K., Australia, Canada and the U.S. to keep what we have on the books in amphitheaters booked for now.”

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In addition, this news comes just about a week after Boston Calling decided to cancel its event this year. So, it remains to be seen if other events will follow or if LiveNation’s faith is shared by others.

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