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Lizzo and Sza Come Together for ‘Special’ Remix

Lizzo and Sza Come Together for ‘Special’ Remix

Lizzo and Sza Come Together for 'Special' Remix

Grammy Award winner Lizzo links up with Sza for Lizzo’s “Special” remix that was teased in November and dropped yesterday, Feb. 9.

Lizzo, 34, slightly hinted to her fans that she was in the works of an upcoming collab with singer SZA back in November. She posted a video of herself along with SZA with a teaser of the song playing in the background. “Something Special coming your way soon… 👀 @sza,” the ‘Truth Hurts” singer posted on Twitter.

“Woke up this morning to somebody judging me / No surprise they judging me / Don’t know who I’m ‘sposed to be /Never saying sorry / Found out in the end that I can only do it for me,” SZA sings. The two then come together in the chorus, both their voices complimenting one another.

The pair performed the song back in November in Lizzo’s Live in Concert HBO Max at the Kia Forum in Calif.

SZA and Lizzo have always admired one another.

In an interview on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, the “Low” singer fawned over her friendship with Lizzo and said, “We just have so much fun together. And I feel like she gets me. She’s another person who has hella music tastes and doesn’t fit in anybody’s box of anything.”