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Mariah Carey Settles In A Lawsuit Against Former Assistant

Mariah Carey Settles In A Lawsuit Against Former Assistant

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In 2019 Mariah Carey sued an ex-assistant named  Lianna “Azarian” Shakhnazarian for blackmail and a violation of an NDA.

It was reported that Carey paid $10,000 for butt shots in Beverly Hills and her former assistant had leaked this information. Making this info go public and violating Mariah Carey’s privacy.

To go more into depth, the star also states that Azarian tried to blackmail her into $8 million. If Carey did not pay then the injections and more information were threatened to be leaked. Which then led to Carrey filing a lawsuit.

In court documents, Azarian created a blog in which she then exposed and told private stories that contained Carey. Some of the details in the blog contained information on how much Carey spent in her personal life when shopping and even personal romantic relationships the artist had.

The judge in the case, Andrew Borrock, also penalized Azarian for destroying evidence. Which contained information that can help Carey’s case.

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Mariah Carrey demanded the court for a minimum of $5 million.

On Wednesday, July 7th at the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, allowed the case to be closed. Reaching a final settlement of $3 million.

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