MCM Pays Tribute To Hip Hop Roots With New 2018 Collection

Words by Nick Slay

While many brands try to insert themselves into hip hop culture to tap into its profitable demographic, while MCM pays homage to hip hop’s glorious roots.

From MCM’s inception in 1976, the brand was deeply entrenched in Munich disco. Fast forward a couple of years MCM found itself apart of groundbreaking cool of ‘80s New York hip-hop. MCM has been front and center for seminal moments in urban music. Now MCM stands for luxury and individuality; an emblem worn as a badge of honour for original thinkers, hip hop creatives and musicians worldwide.

With the MCM Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, true hip hop enthusiasts will find draw inspiration from the cassette motifs, convertible backpacks, and label branded styles. Finding a perfect blend of european style, 90’s style large labels; there’s a mix of the classic offerings that drew in consumers in urban heyday of Tommy Hilfiger, Helly Hansen, as well as Louis Vuitton.

MCM taps into its German roots to blend effortlessly into it’s classic hip hop offerings for their new line. MCM will be the go to for statement pieces as well as building your wardrobe around the 90’s Colours and designs.

MCM Cassette
Striking all the right notes, the MCM Cassette line takes inspiration from musical motifs
including cassette tapes, vinyl records and DJ boards. Available in colorful Stark backpack
and Berlin crossbody shapes—as well as accessories—this range perfectly embodies MCM’s
enduring relationship with music.

Leopard Print
Bold and beautiful, this season’s Leopard Print bags channel the fearlessness and attitude of
rock legends. Lustrous finish and soft to the touch, the Brass Plate Leopard styles
combine classic leopard print with pristine brass hardware to create a dazzling effect.

Soft Berlin
Made to move, Soft Berlin belt bags offer a hands-free alternative to the classic Berlin
crossbody, without sacrificing the hallmarks of the original’s distinctive geometric design.
Nodding to MCM’s heritage in impeccably crafted luggage, these styles marry peerless
construction with timeless style.

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