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Wife Responds To Method Man & Wendy Williams’ One-Night Stand Claim

Wife Responds To Method Man & Wendy Williams’ One-Night Stand Claim

Wendy Williams Recalls One Night Stand With Method Man

Method Man’s Wife Responds To Wendy Williams’ One-Night Stand Allegations

Wendy Williams shares her one night stand with Method Man and the internet goes wild. When Wendy first talked about her union with Method Man, she received a lot of reactions. One reaction came from the R&B neo-soul singer, Erykah Badu, last week. Now, the wife of Method Man, Tamika Smith, is sharing her thoughts on the one-night stand claim.

On January 30th, Williams released her biopic, “Wendy Williams: The Movie.” Leading up to the release, Wendy was spilling the tea about Method Man and her one-night stand back in the day.

Now, Tamika Smith, Method Man’s wife is firing back after Wendy Williams. After being silent for years, Tamika Smith slams the host for her “unhealthy fixation” with her husband of 20 years. This is including recent claims from Williams that she hooked up with Method Man in the ’90s.

The claims came in an interview with DJ Suss One to promote her Lifetime biopic. During the interview, Williams tells that their one-night stand occurred “back in the coke days.”

“I smoked a blunt with [Method Man] while I gave him a bath and it was a one-night stand,” she said, adding, “And he’ll deny it–maybe not.”

Williams, who says the incident was left out of her biopic because Method Man “is still very angry at me,” was at a club partying with Wu-Tang when the rapper approached her. “I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulders and I said, you know, ‘You wanna come over?’ and he said ‘Yeah, I’ll follow you.’”

They went back to her Jersey City penthouse, “where she bathed him in her Jacuzzi tub and smoked more weed.” When Suss One asked if they went “all the way,” Williams responded, “Yes.”

Wife Of Method Man, Tameka Smith Responds To Wendy Williams and her Claims

With the allegations not sitting well with Tameka, she speaks out. Taking to Instagram on Monday (Feb. 1), Tamika Smith releasees a brutal statement in response to the “verbal attacks” from Williams. Furthermore, Smith is referring to Williams as “one of the most miserable bitches on the planet.”

“For years, I kept my silence while Wendy Williams launched constant verbal attacks against my husband, myself, and our family. In the past, I ignored her lies, innuendos, and blatant attempts to provoke us. But Wendy has proven again and again that she is incapable of any decency. Her obsession with our lives has reached a new low. And I’m tired of taking the high road,” began Smith. “Despite my anger, I chose not to respond publicly to her unhealthy fixation with my husband and our marriage. It was clear that she was sick, and that she was struggling with a lot of issues including self-hate and low self-esteem.”

She also brings up Williams’ marital issues and struggles with substance abuse. She explains how Wendy’s issues over the years “have made her increasingly ugly, both inside and out.” Continuing on, she states that “no amount of plastic surgery can fix the ugliness inside of her.” Tameka calls wendy out for not using her platform to uplift women as well. Instead, She claims Wendy “has spent her career attacking marriages while her own fell apart.”

Added Smith, “Her career is on life support, her husband has abandoned her, and the ratings for all of her projects are down. She’s desperate for attention and is trying to use my husband’s popularity as a way to get her name trending. How sad that a woman who was once revered in the entertainment industry has reduced herself to a tabloid sidenote and circus freak!”

Lastly, she ends by addressing her own 20-year marriage to Method Man. “For the record, my marriage is solid, my husband continues to enjoy a successful career, and Wendy will forever be one of the most miserable bitches on the planet.”


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