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Mulatto Confirms Getting Her Body Done: ‘It’s Not Natural’

Mulatto Confirms Getting Her Body Done: ‘It’s Not Natural’

Mulatto is a talented young artist but she can’t seem to catch a break on the Internet.

Whether it’s her controversial stage name or the change in her recent physical appearance, critics seem to always have something to say about the “Muwop” rapper.

She actively posts photos on Instagram and many people took the comments to note the weight gain in her lower body area. “Tag the surgeon sis,” one user commented in the photo below.

During a virtual interview, Miss2Bees asked the 21-year-old if she got any work done and she said, “They always ask me all types of ‘did you get this done?’ I will say this, I will never be the type of person who would be super inviting because I feel like I don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to my personal life. But no girl, it’s not natural.”

She was also asked about the possibility of changing her controversial stage name, and Mulatto revealed that she’s considering it but didn’t want to say too much.

“I don’t think I publicly spoke on this yet, so I don’t want to say too much. But especially in times like this where it’s Black Lives Matter and police brutality, I don’t want to come off as someone who is bragging about coming from a biracial background or making it a personality trait. I’ve considered changing my name and educating myself more about it instead of being so standoffish when it comes to that subject,” Mulatto added. “I’ve been listening more. Even when people tweet me and they’re really rude about it, I still listen because I can feel the frustration. People don’t realize I’m only 21. In summary, that is something I’ve been thinking about and I don’t want to say too much so yeah.”

The hour-long interview is available on the Two Bees TV Facebook page.

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