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Niecy Nash Was Told She ‘Wouldn’t Work Again’ After Marrying Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash Was Told She ‘Wouldn’t Work Again’ After Marrying Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash Was Told She 'Wouldn't Work Again' After Marrying Jessica Betts

Dahmer actress Niecy Nash has married her partner Jessica Betts after being told that she “wouldn’t work again” if she did.

The two tied the knot back in 2020 almost a year after Nash, 52, divorced her former husband Jay Tucker. The couple has been inseparable since, but Nash doesn’t categorize her sexuality nor does she refer to Betts, 40, as her wife.

Nash sat down with Vanity Fair and spoke about her journey before marrying Betts and her choice to live her life by her own rules.

“I wanted to get married and felt it would’ve been a disservice for me to live anything other than my truth, come what may,” she said “I’m just a person who does what I want to do. I’ve worked long enough, I’m old enough, I’ve maturated emotionally. I do what I want to do.”

Nash also shared her concerns about losing her role in Dahmer with creator Ryan Murphy who in return reassured her that he would do no such thing.

“I told him some of the things that I was told and he said, ‘As long as I’m alive, you’ll have a job. You don’t worry about that’,” Nash said.

Last week the actress was praised by Ryan Murphy at the Golden Globe Awards. He honored Nash for “choosing love not fear,” despite what she was being told about people not supporting her union.

Niecy Nash also won her first Critics’ Choice Television award this year for best supporting actress in a movie/miniseries for her role in Dahmer.

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