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Officer Who Defended The Capitol MAGA Mob Escorted Kamala Harris

Officer Who Defended The Capitol MAGA Mob Escorted Kamala Harris

Officer Who Defended The Capitol MAGA Mob Escorted Kamala Harris

After the violent riot at Capitol Hill which was speculated to be incited by the previous president Donald Trump, a lot of preparations were put into place for this week’s inauguration. Moreover, a police officer, who delivered a heroic action, has been selected to escort Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Many may remember the police officer that protected politicians from Trump supporters during the riot at Capitol Hill. That officer’s name is Eugene Goodman and he is being held as a hero since he lured rioters away from the Senate during the riot on Capitol Hill, January 6th.

For those who don’t know, the police officer diverted rioters away from open doors to the Senate chambers. His actions, buying representatives’ precious time, made him a recent face of heroism.

During the capitol riot, videos circulated the internet showing Goodman being chased up a Capitol staircase by the mob. When he reaching a landing, he looked to his left and noticed the door to the Senate chambers was still unguarded. Quickly, he diverts the rioters to the right, causing them to lead away from lawmakers and toward backup officers.

Furthermore, it was only after Goodman distracted the Trump Mob that the senate doors were attended to by guards.

In honor of his noble actions, Goodman was named Acting Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms for the course of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Now, as the second-highest-ranking officer in the Capitol, it is his duty to escort Vice President Kamala Harris during the event.

Many are happy to see the police officer being acknowledged for his clever and brave distraction. Tweets sharing their cheer are all over Twitter after finding out about his new position. “His name is USCP Officer Eugene Goodman,” one tweet reads. “Remember his name. He almost certainly saved lives on Wednesday.”