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Polo G Buys His Mom a New House, His Fans Are Surprised By Her Looks

Polo G Buys His Mom a New House, His Fans Are Surprised By Her Looks

Polo G Buys His Mom a New House, His Fans Are Surprised By Her Looks

Polo G tweets about his buying his mom a brand new house.

Polo G grew up in the North Side of Chicago. He lived at the Marshall Field Garden Apartments housing projects with his mother, father, and three other siblings.

Now the Chicago rapper has blown up. In addition to his success, he’s chosen to use to change the living situation for his family drastically. Just recently, Polo G is seen buying his mother a brand new mansion.

Polo G even joked on Twitter that the home he bought his mom is bigger than his own.

Polo’s mother (and manager) Stacia Mac shared the news via Instagram. She highlights how meaningful her son’s gesture was to her in a heartfelt caption.

“As my son @polo.capalot embarked on his career, as a professional recording artist, he promised he’d Create a life for our family free of struggle and/or lack,” she wrote. “I decided to relocate to ATL in September 2020. Today my son purchased my dream home!”

Mac continues,

“I showed him the home and he didn’t flinch. His response was ‘what you need?’ To say I’m appreciative is an understatement. Thank you son! Thank you for being a man of your word. Thank you for giving me things, that at times, I was unable to provide you or myself. I love you and I’m eternally grateful.”

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Since the sharing of his gift to his mom, Twitter users’ reactions are more about his mother’s looks rather than the mansion. Additionally, appreciation and thirst posts are circulating the Twitter atmosphere. Essentially commenting on his mother’s youthful beauty


What do you guys think about Polo G’s new mansion for his mom? Also, is it really surprising to see how young his mom looks? We all know that black don’t crack baby. Polo G even says it himself.