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Renni Rucci Drops Diss Track Aimed At Mulatto’s Freestyle

Renni Rucci Drops Diss Track Aimed At Mulatto’s Freestyle

Renni Rucci Drops Diss Track Aimed At Mulatto's Freestyle

Renni Rucci has a lot to say about the female rapper Mulatto in his recent diss track.

Late last week, Mulatto debuted her new “Beat Box” freestyle.

During her freestyle, she raps for almost a minute-straight about her star-studded feature history, her newfound success, and lightly takes shots at other female rappers in the game. Speculating fans believe that she was shading fellow female artist Renni Rucci; namely when she spit “…and ain’t nothing big about y’all h*es! So if the b*tch name ain’t Latto, don’t put ‘Big’ in front of it. Straight up.”

Since then, both rappers have been taking shots at each other via social media channels. At one point, Big Lato using a Nicki Minaj verse to taunt Rucci. Additionally, the “Muwop” artist shared a clip in her Instagram story of Minaj’s memorable verse on the remix of YG’s 2014 track “My N*gga.


Previously, Rucci had expressed she had no interest in beefing with Latto; commenting, “if it ain’t directed it ain’t respected. lil mama popping it tho.”

However, it seems as though Renni Rucci has had a change of heart. Later, Rucci takes to her Twitter where she expresses her dissatisfaction with the bar. She takes note on how her social media has always “BEEN this” and that “we all rappers so let us rap watch out.”

Many are questioning why Rucci even responded if the shade wasn’t “directed;” considering her previous comment. Nonetheless, Rucci dropped a diss track recently where she mentions Latto directly on the lap.

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