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Rich The Kid Is Being Sued For A Valentine’s Day Prank

Rich The Kid Is Being Sued For A Valentine’s Day Prank

Rich the Kid figured it would be funny to post a woman’s number on social media. However at this point, it appears as though things haven’t gone as arranged, as the woman has now filed a lawsuit.

Maro Burunsuzyan had been hitting Rich’s line constantly to gather the rent the rapper owed to her customer, Rich’s ex-landlord. In any case, rather than reacting, Rich supposedly released her number to the public on Twitter.

In documents acquired by TMZ, Maro blamed Rich for giving her ” a lot of meaningless evasion” when she attempted to gather the payment. Be that as it may, when she at long last put her foot down, the rapper allegedly tweeted “Valentines call me,” alongside her own cell phone number. Thus, several fans called and messaged her with the impression that they were really getting in contact with Rich.

Since he moved out in January, she said he was still indebted late rent and damages from the summer.

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Rich has no issue flashing his money and you’d think he’d quite recently paid what’s owed. In any case, nobody from Rich the Kid’s team has reacted to the story.

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