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Rihanna Marches Undercover in a Stop Asian Hate Rally

Rihanna Marches Undercover in a Stop Asian Hate Rally

rihanna at aapi rally

In solidarity with the recent events, Rihanna and many others marched down New York City in support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. 

Rihanna is known as an artist who does not shy away from voicing her opinions and speaking up for others. She is well known for using her platform to empower women, music, and other brands. And now she has made her next goal to showcase and help those in the AAPI community. 

Due to the recent rise of Asian hate violence and xenophobia during the pandemic Rihanna and her assistant, Tina Truong attended a #stopasianhate rally in NYC. Her assistant posted pictures confirming it was her. The post saying “This is what solidarity looks like! #stopaapihate #stopasianhate #callitahatecrime

Tina Truong/Instagram

 While undercover many were able to recognize her and her assistant. Overjoyed seeing her there. There they carried signs that said “Bad day? Call it a hate crime,” “Hate=Racism Against God!” and “#stopasianhate.” 

There were many fans who were delighted when they saw her. Taking pictures and videos as she autographed signs and marched right alongside people. She also was able to interact with fans and various others who did not know who she was. 

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The Shade Room/ Instagram

To this day there are continuous attacks against the AAPI community in which adults, the elderly, and even children have been affected. The ongoing attacks have affected many not just within America but around the world as well. The attacks and racism continue to rise within the world and Rihanna and various other artists have spoken up against it. If you would like to learn more about their recent events there are various articles that talk about it. To donate more to the cause and support Asian Communities there is a great link here to get you started.

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