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Soldier Charged With Assault After Viral Video Shows Him Confronting a Black Male

Soldier Charged With Assault After Viral Video Shows Him Confronting a Black Male

viral video of assault

A viral video posted on social media platforms shows a white non-commissioned officer berating and shoving a black male who was walking in a South Carolina neighborhood. 

 The man’s name is Jonathan Pentland and the video was initially posted on Facebook by Shirell Johnson. The victim’s name is unknown. 

The incident happens in a subdivision of The Summit outside of the city limits. While the video does not show how the conflict started it is assumed that it was because the victim was walking around Pentdale was suspicious. 

In the viral video, Pentdale threatens and confronts the victim demanding him to step away and wanting answers as to what he was doing in the neighborhood. As the victim says he was just walking around not bothering anyone Pentdale refused this answer and continued to get close and threaten him. Pentdale pushes and shoves the victim demanding him to leave before “things get worse” 

While the video was cut short, Johnson states that authorities came and gave Pentdale a citation for his assault. 

Once the incident was shared through social media and Pentdale was identified, various twitter users took hold of officials at Fort Jackson demanding they speak up. The commanding general replies and says “This is by no means condone by any service member. We will get to the bottom of this ASAP.”

The Twitter page for Fort Jackson also came out and said this: 

As the story progressed, protesters arrived at Pentdale’s home. Berating the household with “I’m on your yard…come on we want to talk.”

You can read more information on this site here, to get an in-depth look of the events.

Pentdale was recently charged and listed as detained on Wednesday. If convicted he can face up to 30 days in jail and even be fined.  

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