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How To Increase Your Following and Engagement on Social Media

How To Increase Your Following and Engagement on Social Media

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If there is one thing out there that people are obsessed over, it is social media. The average person at the very least has some type of media. And if that is the person you want to target, then make sure you open an account. This is how you create social media growth as well as a following.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Reddit it is good to know who your audience is going to be and how to approach them. 

For example, you have already hopefully done the first step which was to set up your website. You are going to start posting on a social platform but don’t know to who or even where. Do some research. Nowadays, the general audience knows what a Tik Tok is, perhaps that is something you should consider. If not maybe look into what is the new platform, what are people using these days. Once you dive into the platforms you begin to notice the Reels on Instagram or how a consumer re-post those films on Facebook as well, perhaps that is something you should aim for. 

As an up-and-coming musician, doing this research means you will start looking for your market. Your consumer being your fans. And with your fans there is social media growth.

As you are starting out here are a few tips to consider as you create a social media growth.

Know Your Consumer

The first step is wondering what your audience will be. If you have discovered your sound, question who would be willing to listen. Or who do you want to listening? This is important as to where you are most active online, this is where your audience will be. 

It is important to know that the more consumers you have the more viral you will become. Because your consumer will be the one making the move towards you being noticed, it is important to create that bond with them. Here you will create a loyal fanbase as well as a chance to be noticed. 

Put Yourself Out There

In the age of Covid, it seems impossible to collaborate with other up-and-coming musicians and artists in real life. But with social media, it is not impossible. Remember Tik Tok, use that and many other sites to an advantage. Create a video that can grab the attention you want. Maybe you can duet a Tik Tok, a form of video where you can split your screen with another. Or if you want to do something new what are the tags. What do other users use that grab your audience’s attention?

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What Will You Offer

You know you are going to be offering music, that would be the general point of this site. But what else? Your audience is also your consumer. Offer them something to consume. Whether that is vlogs in your daily life, music updates, or a “behind the scenes,” maybe even something else that you want to share in the world. This will all one day be what showcases and builds your image. While it is true that your main point online will be posting about your music, show your audience/consumer that you offer more.


This part is easy enough to understand. Interact. With constant interaction, your audience becomes excited for more. Depending on where you post, which should be in every media possible, there can be many things you can do to be able to interact. This can be a way to give the audience a fix while you’re away working on new music. Most of these platforms offer Q and A sessions, live streams, offer rehearsals, or even a sneak peek into your life as a musician. By making the interaction it creates a closeness from fans to artist. 

An important key here to remember is activity. Being active and constantly updating is important for a successful following for the pitch you want to make to the industry. 

And lastly, remember that marketing yourself on social platforms is difficult but necessary. It can become difficult to manage and it can become chaotic. But it is vital as it is a form of “putting yourself out there.” Having a fan base, the following can help your pitch by proving to the industry that you are worth being listened to.

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