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Songwriting Tips For Indie Artists

Songwriting Tips For Indie Artists

songwriting tips

Songwriting may sound simple to say when you want to make music, it can actually cause quite a hassle. Songwriting can be a bit difficult when you hit a bump in the road. This article helps sort out thoughts and ideas when that bump occurs. 

While you may need an understanding of music theory to make music, songwriting is a bit different. There are various songwriting tips that can get you started or keep you motivated. And with these tips, it can help you make the songs you are happy with one day to produce and distribute. 

Songwriting Tips

  1. Your Story

As simple as that sounds, that is what you should do. Write about what your story is and what you have learned along the way. As an artist, there are many trials and difficulties as you discover your voice and career. Use those lessons to make something that can make the best lyrics and stories to tell. 

  1. Melody 

Sometimes writing lyrics can be difficult, so making a tune or melody can seem easier. Start with that. Use the sound and see if it triggers a memory or a story. Sound and rhyme can make things easier and it will be somewhere to start. Play around with a computer and perhaps something can happen that can trigger a story you can eventually tell. 

  1. Chorus

Amazingly enough, many artists start with a chorus. A chorus is the main theme or the answer to a story. If you don’t have a way to start a song, then figure out what message you want to send. The chorus is a repetitive segment in a song, and this is the perfect place to put your message, theme, or idea of the story. 

  1. Be Consistent 

Wherever you start with a chorus or melody, keep the consistency. If you spread a certain message around, make that message clear, concise, and do not jump around. If you play around with a melody, make sure it is perfect and it fits your song. Double-check what you have done so far, or what you want to start with. Do not have melodies nor lyrics that contradict one another, causing a mess of continuity errors. 

  1. Take Your Time

Writing a song is not a one-day process, it can take a long time. You will re-write and then edit and then maybe even start over. And that is not a bad thing, in fact, go all-in when editing and taking your time. Making a song and music with the perfect message is the end goal and taking your time will help you have the perfect song.

  1. Critique It

If you think you’re done, critique it. Show it to someone and ask their opinions. Question and wonder if it’s good enough or if something needs to be fixed. The goal here is to keep a consistency and flow, a rhythm that can bring your story justice. 

As you critique your work, do not get transfixed in trying to fix it. If you feel like it is perfect and has gotten all the help you can, then maybe it is ready for the next step. 

Always be prepared for any type of feedback, this advice and critique will help you fix your song as well as help you go and look at your future work. 

While many of these may sound simple enough it is important to look over these simple details when songwriting. As an independent artist, it can be easy to overlook something so simple because your life as an artist is busy and hectic. Look over these songwriting tips and hopefully, with them, you can go off and create something worthwhile. 

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