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Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was ‘Altering’ His Thoughts

Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was ‘Altering’ His Thoughts

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Soulja Boy gets real about the real reason he quit lean.

Soulja Boy made another resurgence after his latest musical effort “She Make It Clap” took over TikTok.

The rapper virtually appeared on the Ebro in the Morning show and reflected on his legacy and spoke about his decision to quit lean.

“I think that I’m just misunderstood. … I think people just perceive me a certain way from previous acts or antics,” Soulja said. “You know, it’s just so much smoke and mirrors with the industry and blogs and stuff like that. So people take what they take from me. But I think I’ve got real fans that [delve] into my catalog and do a little research.”

Ebro built on the conversation and asked if drugs were a part of his “antics” and asked if he was still taking them.

“Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t want to speak on that on the radio but I will out of respect for you, Ebro and Rosenberg, and for my fans that’s tuned in,” Soulja said around the 10:18 mark in the video below. “I was sipping lean, you know what I’m saying? I was sipping lean, man. I was mixing lean with soda and drinking it. I shook that. … I haven’t drunk lean in around, like, two years or three years.”

Soulja Boy also spoke about the downsides of sipping lean. “I feel like that’s what was kind of deteriorating my moods and altering my thoughts and kind of slowing me down but I wasn’t noticing it until, like, I completely got off of it,” said Soulja, who was previously reported back in 2019 to have quit lean. “Then I was like, man, I can move faster, I can think clearer, I can do this. It was like I started waking up and it was crazy.”

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