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T-Pain Teases Unreleased Music With Gucci Mane and Tory Lanez

T-Pain Teases Unreleased Music With Gucci Mane and Tory Lanez

T-Pain Teases Unreleased Music With Gucci Mane and Tory Lanez

In case you haven’t heard T-Pain’s remix of Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up,” you’ll get a chance to listen to new music from the vet. On Monday night (July 23), the Tallahassee craftsman teased a bunch of bangers including collaborations with the likes of Gucci Mane and Tory Lanez.

In a series of videos uploaded to his Instagram page, T-Pain uncovered that he’s been chipping away at a “tons of records” yet has been having difficulty figuring out the release sequence. Conversing with his fans to request their feedback, T-Pain respected their sentiments on whether every tune was a confirmed banger or ought to just be left to the wayside. “I got a million other records so if this one is trash I’ll move to the next mega fast,” he captioned one of the several videos.

The expansiveness of his unreleased music goes with the same pattern with his past point of interest hits as they each element his mark Auto-Tune sound and other common creation. One melody specifically, titled “Getcha Roll On,” featuring Tory Lanez is noted as drawing motivation from the verses of Drake’s “Nice For What.” However, T-Pain guarantees fans that the record was really slated to drop back in October 2017. So spare the chaotic correlations. His melody with Gucci Mane, titled “Might Be,” is a hard-hitting beat with some strong synths.

At a certain point, T-Pain amusingly requests that fans hold off on their recommendations on the best way to blend his music in spite of his past inviting of their feedback. “I know, you know you think you know what you’re talking about. You’re listening to these songs on a phone,” he says jokingly. “Me and Fabian Marshall have been mixing these song for 12, 13 years. I think I know what I’m doing.”

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