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Takeoff’s Murder Suspect Released on $1 Million Bond

Takeoff’s Murder Suspect Released on $1 Million Bond

Takeoff's Murder Suspect Released on $1 Million Bond

The man suspected of murdering Takeoff, Patrick Xavier Clark’s defense team attempted to lower his bond to $300,00 after claiming that he could not come up with the money to get out.┬áThe suspect’s bond was set at $2 million before but Judge Josh Hill agreed to lower it to $1 million. Previous statements made by Clark indicated that he could pay $1 million in bail, according to a ruling made by Judge Hill, and that bail bond companies are willing to take on the risk. He denied the request to lower the bond to $300,000.

Concerns were raised by the prosecution that Clark was not being truthful about his financial assets and that his occupation as a local DJ and strip club promotor mostly deals with cash, so determining how much money he makes is a challenge.

Clark surrendered his passport to the court in a previous appearance due to the concerns raised over him being a possible flight risk.┬áThe conditions of his bond state that Clark is prohibited from leaving his parents home on the east side of Houston and he is also not to be in any form of contact with Takeoff’s family.

The suspect is to appear in court again in March.

Takeoff, legally Kirsnick Khari Ball, 28, was shot to his death around 2:30 in the morning on Nov. 1 outside of a bowling alley in downtown Houston. Police stated he was an innocent bystander in a crowd of people near an argument over a game of dice. According to detectives, surveillance footage shows that Clark had a gun in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other as he was firing his weapon. Takeoff was hit by one of the alleged bullets.

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Further found on the wine bottle helped detectives identify Clark to authorities.