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Tammy and Waka Talk New Reality Show, Being Quarantined, Individual Music Projects, & Business Endeavors

Tammy and Waka Talk New Reality Show, Being Quarantined, Individual Music Projects, & Business Endeavors

Tammy and Waka Talk New Reality Show, Being Quarantined, Individual Music Projects, & Business Endeavors

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Tammy and Waka Flocka is one of Hip Hop’s most notable couples. They’re currently starring in WE TV’s What The Flocka documenting the new commitment in their relationship.

Fresh out of Marriage Boot Camp, the couple is navigating through an emotional roller coaster while working on their respective careers, raising their teenage daughter, Charlie, and dealing with their meddling mother in-laws.

Two Bees TV exclusively spoke to the couple about their time in quarantine, their music projects, business endeavors and more.

How are you guys keeping sane during this quarantine?
Tammy: Still watching TV, reading books, playing games, waka’s on his game. Um on our phones, really that’s just the normal stuff that we can do in the house. Sometimes I go sit on the front porch just to get some sunlight (laughs).

Yea right (laughs) Did you get your savage challenge down pack?
Tammy: Girl, I done gave up. I think I’m going to try again when I get a little more bored.

It’s too many dance moves.
Tammy: Yeah for sure, but I think I’m going to try again though. For sure I’m going to try again. But um I’ve been trying to get my pool up and running because I’m like if I’m going to be in the house at least I can go swimming or something (laughs).

(Laughs) And I know tonight the new episode of What The Flocka comes. I really like the show in comparison to the other shows that you guys did, because I feel like it’s giving your fans insight of who you guys are as individuals, especially you Tammy. Like I saw you in the studio with Sean Garrett, so what’s the status of your album?
Tammy: Girl I’m just ready to release it, but um during this whole coronavirus stuff, you know so I think I’m going to push it back. But the album is .. I completed the album, It’s done. There is nothing, all the music is ready to go.

So it’s 100% complete we’re just waiting for outside to open back up.
Tammy: Pretty much ( laughs )

For you Waka I know Drummer Boy in the last episode he was anticipating for you to celebrate your 10th anniversary, and from your past comments it just seems like you’re more interested in your business endeavors than making music. So can your fans expect a new project in the future or maybe a feature on Tammy’s album?
Waka: Definitely, they can expect some goddamn brand new music in the future. I got a record on my wife’s album already. Being on this quarantine has made me realize that man, I’ve been goddamn bullshitting and I’ve been selfish to my fans. I really don’t be putting out like quality music, if I put something out. I really just need to be an artist and stop bullshitting.

I love that. I love the energy especially cause I’m from Brooklyn and I saw that you linked up with Ether Da Connect for Waka. The kids love that song and your verse was solid. How did that connection come about?
Waka: Yo I like Ether, see it take artists and people I like. I can’t be around artists just because you rap good and everyone likes you. I can’t connect to people like that. It’s hard for me to connect to people who don’t have originality, and Ether has so much originality. That the whole sound of Brooklyn really comes from Ether!

Yeah, you think so?
Waka: What, it started in Etha’s basement literally … With him Fivio, I know the whole Woo. Like it started at his house, so that’s the shit I like. It’s like me meeting Chief Keef and them, that sound started from his house. My sound started in my house. So I don’t know man I just love originality, I love it.

So it’s safe to assume that you f*cking with the wave that’s coming out of Brooklyn right now? That Brooklyn Drill wave
Waka: Yea it’s like a new york Waka version. That shit hard.

(laughs) It is … and um on the show you also listed some of your businesses like I think you said a trucking company and a medical transporting company i believe. How have your businesses been affected since the lockdown?
Waka: Shit everything has been affected because I was planning on launching them the month of everything going on.

But I’m assuming that the medical transporting one would probably be booming at a time like this.
Waka: Yeah the medical transportation is about to be booming right now.

Right.. Definitely
Waka: And I’m not going to lie I actually wasn’t putting that much energy into that one out of those 3 because I knew it would be so easy. But now we have to turn everything around because the medical transport isn’t a deal yet. Like I said, being in quarantine made me realize how much I’ve been bullshitting. I should’ve been had these companies off the ground and been going crazy.

You know what, I’ve been realizing that a lot myself because they got me doing so much work and it’s like I don’t work this much in the office like it’s crazy. But you also mentioned that you do artist development and I love that because it just seems like record labels they just want to make a quick buck out of the next microwave internet rapper and they don’t care.
Waka: It doesn’t seems like it, that’s what the fuck they doing. We can’t knock them though cause they doing business. Just like we can’t knock people for TV shows and how they make us look because that’s their show, they’re just doing business. You know what I mean, now we got our own shit we doing our own thing. We lit

Does the world know any of the artists that you help develop?
Waka: Ugh hell yeah. 50% of Hip Hop from 2009 to right now is all me.

No but like any new ones, I know you’ve definitely been mentoring for a long time but the new ones.
Waka: Yes

Like who for example?
Waka: Nah I can’t say though.

Waka: Nah

We probably got to listen out for the influence.
Waka: Yea if they say something then they can say it. My wife knows, shit that’s all I need.

Alright, I like that modesty. I also got some fan questions from my followers on IG and Facebook. Now they got some questions for you guys so I’m going to ask for them. This is from my cousin actually Tammy this is for you… She wants to know what was the inspiration behind the song “Only One?”
Tammy: Um well the inspiration behind only one, the song of course came from my separation with my husband. It’s pretty much when you realize who you are as a woman and taking the power back. Like we all have that time in our life were in relationship and you be to cry and be so hurt then it clicks and you’re like hold up nigga You know what I’m saying (laughs) I can do that to you ain’t the only one, so that’s where that came from.

Another follower asked do you guys go to sleep mad at each other?
Tammy: We try not to but we do sometimes
Tammy to Waka: Quick question: Do we usually go to sleep mad at each other or we try to make up before?

Waka: Nah, we definitely go to sleep mad.

Tammy: But a lot? I don’t think we do that a lot though.

Waka: Yeah cause Tammy got a problem with apologizing.

Tammy: Oh my god

Waka: She hates saying she’s wrong and shit like that. She never apologizes like ever.

But you know we never wrong (laughs)

Tammy: Right, thank you sis.

We never wrong so you know you have to hold it down
Waka: What happened?

Tammy: She said, “we’re never wrong.”

Waka: Imma tell you something that was simple as hell, last night Tammy’s charger right. She probably misplaced her charger. She cursed me the fuck out for having my charger then when I show her, her charger she goes, ”you’re lying that’s your shit!’ Instead of saying damn baby I apologize…

So someone else asked how did you know that your partner was the one?
Tammy: Well, I think Waka knew before I did.

Waka: Tammy cut it out, you went home praying for it. Get that cap shit out of here

Dudes be falling in love faster.
Tammy: No I’m not trying to cap I really do think. You told me the first day you met me that I would be your wife. I didn’t believe you.

Waka: I said you going to be my wife I didn’t say you’re going to be the one the fuck.

Tammy: N*gga so what the f*ck is the wife just a tree.

Waka: Yup just a tree

Tammy: You sound stupid.

And that leads us to the next question people asked how did you guys meet?
Tammy: In Miami he stalked me

Waka: Yeah okay, she followed me.

Tammy: Why’s you f*cking lying you can ask his oldest brother. You can ask his best friend they were there and my best friend was there.

Waka: Ask them. Ask them. Ask them…

Tammy: He stalked me, stole my purse

Waka: But I ain’t have to force you though.

Tammy: Bro you stole my phone

Waka: But I ain’t have to force you though. If you didn’t want to do it you wouldn’t of done it.

Tammy: I couldn’t leave, you took my purse

Waka: But did I force you… No

Tammy: Yes! You took my purse

Waka: With 0 force

Tammy: I couldn’t go home with no purse

Waka: Get out of here you could have got that purse. I was a fly young nigga and you was on me, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Yall are so funny … and I love the realness in this interview too. You guys showed it on marriage boot camp as well. Have you guys applied any of the tools that you learned on boot camp to your relationship? And does it actually work?

Tammy: We tried the pause breath stuff but that works for like 2 weeks and then it goes back to the regular degular. But something that I’ve learned from my show that I think I’m going to implement more actually next season I think I want to do some counseling for myself

Waka: Yeah, she f*cking needs it

Tammy: Woah

I was going to say on the last episode Waka was definitely trying to advocate for that, and I think we all need it in the hood .

Tammy: He was full of shit though.

Nah I feel like we all need it from the hood, even if he was I feel like it’s something that really needs to be done because we all are just learning how to love. Just figuring it out day by day.

Tammy: Yea that’s true too.

So another person asked, my followers love you Tammy. Most of my questions are for you but they asked, how has it been having Deb as your Mother in law especially after launching your music career?

Tammy: It’s hell … No honestly speaking Deb is not a hard mother in law. In the beginning, she was the damn mother in law from hell she was a monster in law. she was like when I first started dealing with Wakka but like now since we’ve been married you know we actually made amends. She just needs to mind her business sometimes.

But that’s his mothers though, and that’s her baby she got to make sure he’s in good hands
Tammy: She just don’t just be in his business, she just be in all the business. Her and my mother, they nosey as hell.

Another person asked were you scared when you found out you were having charlie and how long did it take you and Waka to become one when it comes to parenting?
Tammy: I was terrified when I first became a mother I remember telling my best friend that. Cause I was always the down fly girl you know down to whatever, I was living my life.

Waka: And you look dirty as shit too

Tammy: You a f*cking hater, but you was on me though.

Waka: Cause I had to clean your dirty ass up.

Tammy: Yeah okay, yeah sure … Anywho so I told my friend I think I’m going to be a horrible mom. I don’t know, I like to go shopping for myself, I like to do this. My friend is like, “ girl I can’t see you as a mom.” They all said the same thing, but when you have a kid naturally the instincts click in. When it’s like you go to a store and you see a cute pair of shoes for yourself, you’ll go in Target and see something cuter for your baby. Girl, fuck them shoes I’m going to get this for my baby. So it’s like I was scared but once I became a mother, I wasn’t scared anymore like I got this.

And the second half of that question someone asked how long did it take you guys to become one when it comes to parenting? Because I love Waka and Charlie’s relationship. My mom was a single mom. She had a long-term boyfriend as well who cared for me as his own. So I’m interested to learn how ya story went

Tammy: Well initially when I first meet Waka, me and Waka actually moved in with each other a month after meeting each other. And it was crazy because I remember flying down. My daughter had two weeks of school left in Baltimore. I told him I’m going to fly down to Atlanta first to check everything out before I move my daughter down. I’ll just fly back home every weekend for these last two weeks. So I flew down and made sure everything was appropriate for my baby. I made sure you know to fix her room up and everything. Then we moved down and I remember being completely transparent and honest. Waka probably don’t remember this but I remember he was so good with her. He was just a natural with dealing with kids. He just loves kids, but I remember me just being cautious even though I knew this man I loved this man, I wanted to build a future with this guy. I still you know you could never be completely sure you see all these crazy movies you see all this stuff. So my daughter use to hate sleeping in her bed alone and she would cry. I remember either I would have to lay in there with her or he would have to lay in bed with her till she would fall asleep. Every time that he would go sit in the room with her till she would go to sleep I would always peep by the door just watching you know just being cautious. One day he pulled me to the side and was like I see the way you look at me when I’m with charlie and I respect that as a woman as a mother but I just want you to know that I would never do anything to hurt your child or you and it kind of allowed me to be like damn I didn’t know he was watching me, but it let me put my guard down. Like okay, you get what I’m saying. As a mother you just never ever, you just always on guard when it comes to your kid like a momma bear. And the way she loved him and the way she automatically. I was married previously to her dad, he was my high school sweetheart we got and she was at the age where she didn’t want me to be with anyone but her dad. But it’s like when Waka came around all of that went out the window so it’s kind of like they built their own relationship. It didn’t have to be forced, I can’t tell you exactly the timeline. It just naturally worked.

That’s beautiful and the last question cause I know Kelly is about to rush us off. What keeps the spark alive after all this time.
Waka: Charlie

Tammy: Charlie keeps the spark. Damn Waka so I don’t keep no spark myself?

Waka: Fuck no you don’t spark at all you ain’t got shit on my baby

Tammy: That’s fucked up

Waka: Nah you know what keeps the spark, for me as a man the only thing I’m interested in hygiene and the way Tammy carries herself. How she puts certain clothes on.

And Tammy you fly, you fly.
Tammy: Thank you, but damn babe you must not be feeling the spark cause a bitch been looking raggedy around the house lately.

What about you Tammy?
Tammy: Honestly I feel like the spark is the arguments and the makeups because sometimes it takes a build-up to get the point across and once you get there you can, and to be completely honest we just kickin’ it. Like our little smoke sessions, going to the strip club, going out with friends. Just remember us being friends first, being my homie. Sometimes you get caught up in being married that you forget the friendship of it, but then when you hang out and you’re friends again. Like that’s my homie now I see why I fell in love with you.

The following is a transcript of an interview by Two Bees TV Editor in Chief, Miss2Bees. This interview has been edited for length and clarity

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