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Teyana Taylor Takes Her Own Flowers During The Last Rose Petal Show In NYC

Teyana Taylor Takes Her Own Flowers During The Last Rose Petal Show In NYC

Teyana Taylor Takes Her Own Flowers During The Last Rose Pedal Show In NYC

At the end of 2020, Teyana Taylor announced that she’s walking away from music because she doesn’t feel appreciated or supported by her label, G.O.O.D. Music.

“At the end of the day, I’m a mom first,” she explained on an episode of BET’s Sip ‘n Smoke hosted by Cam Newton. “A mom, a wife, a woman. And I think for me, I put in a lot of work. I work very, very hard. So, if you feel unheard and unseen—like how I said earlier with my husband. He sees me, he hears me. I take that shit serious. Everything that I do. So if you’re my husband, or I’m signed, everybody that I’m aligned with should see me. They should hear me. They should feel me. If you don’t see me, hear me, or feel me, it’s a dub for you.”

The Harlem native embarked on The Last Rose Petal tour to commemorate her retirement and we were in the building on the first day of her NYC show.

Terminal 5 was packed with Teyana’s fans who knew all the words to the songs on her latest musical effort, The Album.

The “Gonna Love Me” singer engaged with the crowd multiple times throughout the show: First, she picked a “b*tch that’s with the shits” from the crowd to give a lap dance to. Then she needed someone to vogue with her for “WTP.” She even stopped the entire show for a fan who seemingly needed medical attention and got her a bottle of water.

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Junie stole the show when she elevated from the ground onto the rose-decorated fixture to sing her part in “Come Back To Me.”

Teyana is an all-around entertainer and she sang and danced her a** off all night. We exclusively learned that they’re traveling with a production crew to capture behind-the-scenes footage and produce The Last Rose Petal documentary.

How do you feel about Teyana Taylor retiring? If you’re in NYC, grab a pair of tickets to the second show here.

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