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Teyana Taylor’s Mother Quit Her Job to Manage Her Daughter After Teyana Signed With Pharrell

Teyana Taylor’s Mother Quit Her Job to Manage Her Daughter After Teyana Signed With Pharrell

Teyana Taylor's Mother Quit Her Job to Manage Her Daughter After Teyana Signed With Pharrell

On a rainy Monday afternoon, a flock of people gathered at the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 theater for the premiere of A Thousand and One. As you climb up the escalator, you can hear a roaring applause of people with their phones out, eagerly waiting behind a velvet rope. A few steps from the crowd was the black carpet where dozens of journalists and reporters anxiously awaited the cast to dish on the highly-anticipated film starring the Black Mecca’s princess, Teyana Taylor.

Alicia Keys, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg, and more artists came out to support A.V. Rockwell’s feature film debut. Fashion icon Bevy Smith was also in the building to support her “Harlem niece.” Speaking on the importance of the movie, Smith said, “It takes the story of a marginalized mother who people have counted out. Who people have disregarded and felt like she was unfit. We get to see the story behind that and we get to see that her love is just as strong as a suburban mother’s love.”

The woman of the hour arrived 15 minutes before the red carpet closed with her two daughters and stylist, E.J. King. Teyana’s festive ensemble was the highlight of the entire carpet. Her pixie haircut was embellished with a headpiece made out of name chain plates. The “Bare Wit Me” singer sported a cropped blazer accessorized with Bamboo earrings on the breast pocket. The light washed Levi jeans fell perfectly over her Timberland Premium Waterproof Boots, better known as Butters. King strutted across the carpet with the girls, presumably to claim their seats in the theater while mommy shark got to work.

With ten minutes to spare, Teyana graciously allowed each reporter to ask one question. Miss2Bees asked the question of the night: “What’s the craziest thing your mother has ever done out of love for you?” Teyana recalled the moment her mother immediately quit her job to become her manager after inking her first music deal. Teyana responded, “I came back from having a meeting with Universal and Pharrell officially wanted to sign me … My mom quit her job immediately. She quit without explanation.” She continued, “What was in her heart is she has my best interest. You know what I’m saying? And even though neither one of us knew anything about the business, it was just a faith walk that she was willing to take with me.”

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The star-studded red carpet was followed by an advanced screening with complimentary popcorn and soda. A Thousand and One is out now and follows an “unapologetic and free-spirited Inez (Teyana Taylor) who kidnaps her 6-year-old son, Terry, from the foster care system. They set out to reclaim their sense of home, identity, and stability in a rapidly changing New York City.”

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