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Jacob Blake’s Shooter Was Spotted Roaming Freely

Jacob Blake’s Shooter Was Spotted Roaming Freely

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The officer who shot Jacob Blake is back on duty after not being charged nor punished for shooting him.

On a Sunday evening, Jacob Blake attempted to “break up” an altercation between two women. Someone named Raysean White was also near the scene when he began to record with his phone. The now released video shows that Blake walked away towards a car when he was shot multiple times by the officers. Blake was shot seven times, injuries include arm, kidney, liver, and spinal cord. 

Blake did admit there was a knife in his vehicle but the knife was not used in any shape or form. While the officer who shot, whose name is Rusten Sheskey, was the only one who fired. The rest who were at the scene did not fire. But it is important to note that none of these officers wore their body cameras.

Witnesses to this tragic event are White who recorded the event. And in the vehicle were Blake’s children whose ages range from 3,5, and 8; all who witnessed the event from their car.

 Thankfully, Blake is alive but unfortunately he is now paralyzed from the waist down. 

After these horrid events riots and other dangerous events surfaced in the city of Kenosha. While the family pleaded for peaceful rallies the city soared with cars and buildings that were set ablaze. 

And now after the events of Daunte Wright the platforms are at an uproar. 

With the constant reminders of unfairness and the trial of Derek Chauvain, the internet world demands Sheskey to be punished. 

When Sheskey was exposed he was put on administrative leave but has now been put back in the force and will not face discipline. 

Platforms instantly began to compare and share their thoughts

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Blake nor his family have spoken and the internet is yet again hoping for fairness. You can read more on this link here. You can also read more of our articles on this event here.