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The Reason We Celebrate Black Music History Month

The Reason We Celebrate Black Music History Month

black music history month

June is Black Music History Month. 

So what does this mean and why is this important? It is because music has been a big part of black history. And this history goes way back. Black Music is part of this nation’s history and an integral part of society and culture. 


With the start of sacred music, it was the beginning of gospel and spiritual music. The beginning of something we will call black music history. A role that played a big part that represented African American religious life. Because of this many began to express their religion with a mix of music. With the mix of psalms, hymns, and music, it became the origin story of Gospel music. And now Gospel music has its own radio station nationwide. 

Next is folk music. Believe it or not, folk music is still very modern today. In the 1960’s folk music contained lyrics about the unfairness in the field workplace, as well as games, and chants. Something that is very relevant today. 

This then created the evolution of the blues. The blues arose nationwide, growing in popularity everywhere with music that not only contains a special sound but a message as well. This then evolved to R&B. R&B was the style of music that was not only an evolution of the blues but the key to diversity. R&B became a way of expression for Black culture, a way to introduce integration during white supremacy. 

This then leads us to hip-hop and rap and their rise to popularity. Just like the blues and folk music, hip-hop and rap became a voice in a time of struggle for the black community. Hip-hop and rap became a way to voice opinions, struggles, and the journey the community has gone through. And as history and future developments, music and lyrics will develop as well. 

This history of music is long and ever-changing. And while this is just a short look into it you can actually read more about it here on the official Smithsonian site.


So What Does This Mean

What this means for black music histroy month, it is the honor of what music has done for us all. It brings us together, brings stories to light, and it can be enjoyable for anyone. As it was told above, black artist and music has changed what we know today. Black music is an integral part of our history on what music is now. 

This month has become a way to not only remember what music has done for us, but what is has done for the black community. Thanks to music we have heard the stories, the history, and the never-ending struggle of the racism the commuity is living in. And as history shows and music tells us, it is the reminder and call for change. 

Black music month is not just a month to focus on music and its history, but its future as well. And as we honor what music has brought to us, let us also remember what black music teaches us and what we can do for help.

With this Joe Biden has also posted a wonderful proclamation of what this month is about and what he hopes he can bring out of it. 

A month to not just appreciate history but a recognition of racial inequality. If you would like to read his announcement read it here.

If you want to read more about the current music situation, you can read out article here.