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The Weeknd donates $1 million to Ethiopia Relief Efforts

The Weeknd donates $1 million to Ethiopia Relief Efforts

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The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, once again proves his generosity by donating $1 million to Ethiopian Relief Efforts.

In a recent Instagram Post, the artist revealed his feelings for the current living situations in Ethiopia.

With his generous donation, he has provided two million meals through the United Nations World Food Program and even encourages and links ways others can help as well.

The Weeknd and his donations are very well known throughout the public. He has made countless of donations throughout time, many of them trying to remain quiet and anonymous.

Over the course of 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, he has donated over $2.15 million to various causes.

According to HuffPost , the artist has started his donations in June. He first started with a hefty donation of $300,00 to those who were affected by the Beirut Explosions. A quick summary of this event, explosions tore through the city of Beirut leaving property damage and killing more than 200 civillians.

Since then he has established quite a reputation. Not just as a Grammy winning artist but as someone who loves to donate and help people.

Some other donations he has made are towards the Black Lives Matter Movement, National Bailout, and Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Club.

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He is also very active with his followers linking to websites and donations he has made. Allowing his fans to help the places he has helped and funded. He also staged a Tik Tok event that helped raise over $350,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative.

His donations can be traced back to as early 2016. He first started by donating to schools that allowed courses to open up and teach about the struggles other countries are suffering from. Since then he speaks out and exposes movements and matters that needed to be shared and voiced.

To donate at the same place he has currently donated to you can click here.

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