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Too Short Issues Apology After Colorist Remark Video Resurfaced

Too Short Issues Apology After Colorist Remark Video Resurfaced

Too Short Issues Apology After Colorist Remark Video Resurfaces

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A video clip from 2020 has resurfaced of  Too Short and Saweetie conversation from IG Live, is causing some controversy on social media. During the conversation he stated that he prefers mixed-race ladies and enjoys interracial relationships. “Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite,” said Too Short. “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed.” He then said Too Short continued, “And I feel that way about life, too. Like, biracial babies are you could take the two ugliest motherfuckers from different races and they fuck and make a baby, and that baby just be beautiful. He added It happens all the time.”

However, Short’s statement were immediately met with some backlash and many people accused him of being a Colorist . On Wednesday (Oct. 13), Short issued an apology for his remarks. “I would like to apologize to anybody that’s offended by my words,” he said. “I am from the Bay Area, I come up in the Bay, and you know, the whole racial thing to me has never been a factor in my circles. And in the Bay, there aren’t a lot of mixed cultures and, you know, mixed people. It was like that long before I got there. I’m not really into the whole hatred of, ‘I hate you because you’re light,’ or ‘you’re the best because you’re dark.

Saweetie even caught some of the heat as well for Too Short comment , people felt she didn’t defend black women enough. Saweetie herself who is half black/half Filipino, addressed the issue on twitter “Since @idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!”added in the caption.

Too $hort is currently gearing up to release Mt. Westmore, an all-star collaborative album with fellow West Coast Hip Hop icons Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and E-40.