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Trinity College and the Hip Hop Course that discusses racial and gender barriers

Trinity College and the Hip Hop Course that discusses racial and gender barriers

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On April 9-11th Trinity College will hold its Annual 15th Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival. And to kick off this amazing event Assistant Professor Daniela Gomez will have a virtual lecture. 

This lecture will discuss “hip hop’s role in helping her overcome racial and gender barriers in her journey to a career of scholarship and activism.”

A Professor in International Studies and with her own narrative she will discuss how her life events created her and shaped her into the Professor she is today. 

And as a woman of color, she has experience in music and difficult life events. She will discuss the xenophobia and racism we still encounter to this day. The professor explains in her interview that she grew up in a society where people suffered. She herself saw the suffering and with her family’s encouragement, she gained the education that made her parents proud. 

Professor Gomez describes music as an important part of education and states:

“ …hip hop is a 40-year-old cultural movement that Gomes sees as an important tool for analyzing race and inequality. While her students are inevitably aware of hip hop music as consumers of popular culture, she works to bring their attention to its magnitude as a global movement… is part of a long history of resistance both in Afro-Brazilian communities and in the African diaspora broadly. It is part of a network of connections between the Caribbean, Africa, and the Americas, and the common experiences of communities still grappling with the consequences of centuries of enslavement and oppression.”

The Professor will bring and introduce the challenges to her students in hopes to enlighten them about the movement. She wants to show the stories these artists bring out with their music. She hopes that students, activists, and music can come together. Especially during our current movements that include the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

Due to COVID regulations both events, the festival, and the lecture will be held virtually by Trinity College. To learn more about the festival you can look here. And to register and attend both the lecture and event you can sign up here.

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