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Two Bees TV: Troy Ave Says A lot Of ‘Independent Artists’ Are ‘Really Signed To Labels Low-key’

Two Bees TV: Troy Ave Says A lot Of ‘Independent Artists’ Are ‘Really Signed To Labels Low-key’

Two Bees TV: Troy Ave Says A lot Of 'Independent Artists' Are 'Really Signed To Labels Low-key'

Troy Ave called out the artists who claimed to be independent but are really signed to major record labels.

In a December 2019 interview with Two Bees TV, the Brooklyn rapper was asked about his thoughts on new artists wanting to take ownership of their music.

“I want to really see if they’re really doing that or if it’s cap because a lot of artists would act like they’re independent and they’re not. They’re really signed to labels low-key,” Troy Ave said.

He continued, “And the labels try to push that agenda too like ‘yeah we’re pushing you from the grassroots and everyone would f*ck with you because they think you’re independent’ you know what I mean? Meanwhile, the puppet master and the machine is behind you making all the moves making you appear bigger than you are. So n*ggas really gotta show me they’re independent.”

What are your thoughts on his statement?

Troy Ave is always a good argument in the independent vs major labels debate, after garnering an impressive widespread fanbase without a major label push.

The “Your Style” rapper went as far as sharing his publishing check the year this interview was editorially published.

“One of the reasons why they hate is cause I make better music and I own all my $hit!” he writes, alongside of an image of his ASCAP check. “Most these rappers lease, rent, beg and borrow. They gettin pimped by Major labels then flexing like they a boss. I own all my cars, homes, jewelry & publishing! Drop [emojis] if U into ownership like a real boss,” he wrote.

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