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Two Bees Pride: The Story of Tevin Campbell

Two Bees Pride: The Story of Tevin Campbell

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June is a huge month for many reasons. It is the start of summer vacations and trips that are among us, and many are out celebrating these facts. But June is not just about summer it’s about recognizing a community.

June celebrates the black music community as well as Pride month. And amazingly enough, these can go hand in hand. 

The black community has suffered a lot throughout our history.

But now as time attempts to keep up and become more accepting of the black community. It is important to note how this has affected the black Pride community as well. 

And as this is a site that focuses on black artists it is important to mention and give a spotlight to these stories. Individuals not only struggle as artists, but they struggle as artists that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The Story of Tevin Campbell

Tevin Campbell is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. From an early age, he performed gospels up until his audition which signed him to Warner Bros. Records. Since then he has been actively creating music as well as started out making appearances on films.  

But as artists rise, there is a decline. In 1999 Campbell was arrested after soliciting a lewd act from an undercover male cop. And because of this, his image began to decline. Campbell then went into hiding halting his career and now hardly pops up. 

Since then it has been a struggle to come back into the spotlight. Yet there have been a few times he has made public appearances. Among other artists he was a part of the remake of “Secret Garden,” has made appearances in a few conventions, and has planned a few comebacks that have included free streaming before publishing for purchase online. 

Yet, while he hasn’t released as much music as before the R&B artist is known for his vocal talent. A gift that he knows and protects because it is a part of his image and who he is. 

The media knows that he has had to deal with sexuality speculation and assault, in a deleted post he said: 

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“I read the comments I done heard it all,ya’ll homophobes gotta fo better the thing you will NEVER EVER be able to say about me is ‘that boy CANT saing.”

But even before this he has been asked about his sexuality. While he personally has not anounced who he is.  He has claimed its been “nobody business” and his personal life is his own business. 

The main point being, he felt “exposed.”  A successful artist that fell. And while during this time if he made a comeback, open or not, it is the wonder if there is a proper recovery from that day. While our current time period we are open and accepting of all, there is still the road to recovery from the artist. 

He is a singer with a gift and a part of black music history and black music Pride.  

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