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Usher Announces Las Vegas Residency

Usher Announces Las Vegas Residency

Usher Announces Las Vegas Residency

Usher is taking over The Colosseum beginning July 16, 2021, and running until Jan. 1, 2022 for his first-ever Las Vegas residency.

“I cannot wait to perform for an audience,” Usher says in an exclusive interview with Billboard. “In Vegas, I get a chance to create the show that I want, and I get a chance to be with my fans who’ve been cooped up for months and months.”

Fans are in for a treat because it’s an opportunity to see the R&B veteran in an intimate setting. “This is a real treat because it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything quite like this. You have benchmarks, right? You want to have your record played on the radio and then go on to win a Grammy. Vegas was always a benchmark for me that I couldn’t wait to be able to do,” Usher says. “ I can pull from all of the things that I’ve done— a little bit of acting, a little bit of personality, a little bit of music, dance. I can be more intimate than I’ve ever been with my audience, allowing people to come in and feel a different level of connection to the songs. Las Vegas is all about really shining it up.”

The Confessions singer detailed the technicalities that go into his performances.“If you want to just hear the songs, you can play them. But to take people deeper into the songs and give them a viewpoint they didn’t have, or maybe they might have overlooked and missed—that’s what my focus is. I really want to bring you through the experience of what the music means,” Usher says. “I’ve done a lot of research around immersive experiences all around the world. I traveled to Paris, London, Germany, and New York City, the South and also Los Angeles to really understand the nuances of immersive experiences.”

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