Ariana Grande Continues to Remember her Ex Mac Miller

Ariana Grande Continues to Remember her Ex Mac Miller

Words by Andre Kettle

On Saturday, a day after Ariana Grande wrote a heartfelt tribute to the late rapper on Instagram, she shared another post through her Instagram Story that showed that she was currently bumping his latest album, Swimming.

The two images in Grande’s story, after the two songs, are the photos with hearts and clouds surrounding the songs she posted that she may have had a connection to.

On the “Ladders” track, Miller raps about how no matter what surprises life has in store for you, good or bad, “somehow we gotta find a way/no matter how many miles it takes.”

Minutes later, the singer also shared that she was listening to another track from the album, “Dunno,” which many fans have speculated to be about the 25-year-old singer.

Referencing the line – “let’s get lost inside the clouds – as Grande posted the photo alongside the moving cloud GIFs.

During an interview with Vulture, just a day before Mac’s death, he opened about his message in his music on his latest album.

“You’re in your head and at some point you have to decide to either f******g move forward and go or just stay in this space. At some point there has to be the decision to get on with it,” he says. “That’s probably a reflection of how my mind works maybe. At some point I’m just like, ‘Shut the f**k up and go.’ There is always that moment of release and I always want that.”

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