Dame Dash Weighs in on R. Kelly & Aaliyah’s Relationship Amid ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Premiere

Dame Dash Weighs in on R. Kelly & Aaliyah's Relationship Amid 'Surviving R. Kelly' Premiere

The second part of the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries premiered and things are just getting more disturbing.

Although the series’ producer, Dream Hampton, claimed influencers like JAY-Z, Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, and Dave Chapelle declined to participate in the production, many people like John Legend who did participate in the documentary fearlessly spoke out afterwards.

Dame Dash recently weighed in on the relationship with his former lover and the Pied Piper. He claims Aaliyah called him a “bad man.”

“When she was even trying to talk about it, she couldn’t. And I remember Aaliyah trying to talk about it, and she couldn’t. She would just leave it at this dude is a bad man.” Dame Dash said while rolling up. “I didn’t really want to know what he did to the extent that I feel like I had to deal with it. But it was just so much hurt for her to revisit it I didn’t want to talk about it without a professional. Whatever got done was terrible.”

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