Erykah Badu Announces Quarantine Concert Series Live From her Bedroom

Erykah Badu Responds to Critics About her $2 Quarantine Concert: 'Did You Ask iTunes When You Bought Your Music?'

Erykah Badu is among one of the many artists who were forced to cancel upcoming shows as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But she introduced a cool alternative on Instagram Wednesday afternoon.

“Peace and love. The show must go on,” she said. “Introducing the Quarantine Concert Series.”

Fans will be given the opportunity to vote for the songs they want to hear on an Instagram Story poll. The singer will perform the top songs live from her bedroom this weekend, and fans will be charged $1 to join the live stream.

“We gotta keep moving y’all. We gotta keep this thing going. We’re a community of artists whose survival depends on performing, creating, laughing, living, loving. And we still alive,” Erykah Badu said reassuringly.

More details will be coming soon but from the looks of the comments, fans are raving. “Quarantine Queen 👑,” one person wrote.” Another person commented, “AH!!!! ERYKAH MY LOVE YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF🖤🦋Thank you.”

Do you got your $1 ready for the live stream?

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