Raz-B Threatens to Leave Reunion Tour Because he ‘Doesn’t Feel Safe’ Around Chris Stokes

Raz-B Threatens to Leave Reunion Tour Because he 'Doesn't Feel Safe' Around Chris Stokes

The New Millennium Tour is less than a week in and there’s already drama. B2K’s Raz-B threatened to leave the tour because he says he feels like Chris Stokes is around and doesn’t feel safe.

“Actually, let me correct myself,” he says in a video clip. “Raz B is officially off the tour. I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around. So guess what? I’m off the tour. Good luck to everybody. No disrespect to [Omarion] because he’s my brother. [Omarion] if you want to come talk to me and you want me to do the tour, I’ll do the tour, but I’m officially off the tour.” Raz then goes on to say, “Oh, guess what? I guess we’re about to shoot the new ‘Surviving Chris Stokes’ movie, right? So call Lifetime ’cause I’m ready to talk.”

Raz-B has accused their former manager of sexual molestation for a decade now. The singer alleges that the assault began when he was about 11 or 12-years-old. “It all started with Chris Stokes,” Raz said in a video back in 2007. “It started one day when Chris was like — ‘Let me touch you’…I can’t speak for everybody, but if you want my personal opinion, I think he did (touch all the other group members).” 

Raz’s brother, Ricardo Thornton, also claims that Stokes sexually abused him. “Chris [Stokes] made me take showers with the other boys…All that little sh** that my brother was introduced to, that sh** was brought to me first, and I blocked that sh**. I wasn’t with it, I backed off…I kinda knew what was going on over there, and yet I took my brother over to Chris. I didn’t protect him like I should have. [Stokes] molested my brother and he molested me.”

Stokes has went on record denying the claims back then and even more recently in wake of the reunion tour. But the since-deleted video has definitely raised eyebrows. Good news for B2K fans, the show will go on with Raz on board as he announced in his Instagram story.

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