T.I. Gets Booed During Comedy Show at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY

On April 9, Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn housed this year’s April Fools Comedy Jam, where T.I. hit the stage to not perform a song, but to showcase his comedic capabilities. He shared the stage with other well known comedians such as Nick Cannon, Eddie Griffin, B. Simone, Rip Michaels, Tony Roberts, Bruce Bruce, Michael Blackson, Joe Torry, HaHa Davis and Jacob Williams.

It didn’t seem like New York was really feeling the rapper’s set because they booed him right off the stage. You would’ve thought you were at the Apollo after that performance! We all know T.I. as an Atlanta born rapper, record executive, and actor, but is he adding stand-up comedy to his resume? See The Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Wa2xHcKL0

The crowd may not have been feeling T.I. and his jokes, however he gained some support from his peers such as Nelly and Tank, for the way he handled the negativity.

Nelly responded under a post from The Shade Room,

“Tell me what comedian hasn’t got booed? Apart of earning ya stripes. that’s a part of entertainment. Period.”

T.I. then goes on to explain his jokes and clear the air on an Instagram Live with Michael Blackson. Looks like he’s not worried about the haters or seeking validation from anyone. Get your popcorn ready because we may be seeing more comedic acts from the rapper in the future.

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