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Two Bees Pride: Dej Loaf

Two Bees Pride: Dej Loaf

dej loaf

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Deja Monet Trimble, also known as Dej Loaf, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Michigan. As a child, she was exposed to hip-hop at a very young age. With her family, she listened to 2Pac, Rakim, and Miles Davis. She actually started writing music at the young age of 9. And in 2009 she graduated high school, before committing to creating music. 

It wasn’t until 2011 she officially started her hip-hop career. Which then led to her creating her first mix-tape called Just Do It. With this first mix-tape, she finally got noticed and signed at  SAYITAINTTONE label.                                                                                                                                                           Since then she has been on the rise. She signed to Colombia Records in 2014, which garnered a lot of attention from other artists. One of them being Drake. She continued on to make another mix-tape which grew her into viral popularity.  She now continues on to make joint mixtapes and features for other big artists. 

Dej Loaf Story’s

When her popularity began to grow, Dej Loaf has been surrounded by rumors about her sexuality. 

In a 2014 interview with VLAD TV, she is asked about her sexuality and how the items she wears have spread the rumors. She responds that she is dressing comfortably. She says, “I know people think I am lesbian but I am not.” She does not worry about what she is wearing and focuses more on her music, rather than what she is wearing. 


In many of her songs, whether it be titles or lyrics, she expresses the interest in being comfortable and being free on who she wants to be. Whether that is sexuality or the way she dresses, the focus has always been on what she likes rather than her music. 

 Yet, regardless of that information many still follow who she has dated and when. There were rumors that she was involved with Lil Durk. Which leads to the relationship being bashed on by ex Aye Redd. With several accusations and stories thrown around, it is safe to say that Dej Loaf is curious about her sexuality.  You can read more on that drama here, the exclusive interview with Bossip. 

In the final of this interview, Aye Redd discusses why Dej Loaf has kept silent. 

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She says, “I feel like once somebody gets to a certain level of fame the real them is exposed and sometimes they don’t want to expose the real them. They want people to believe what they put off. She has said she’s not gay. Maybe she doesn’t want to come back on her word.”

Regardless of the situation, this is a story that can be worth mentioning. An artist with influence and a story worth telling. 

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