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Black Sitcoms Matter: Here Are All the Cameos From Veteran Actors During Season 4 of Insecure

Black Sitcoms Matter: Here Are All the Cameos From Veteran Actors During Season 4 of Insecure

Black Sitcoms Matter: Here Are All the Cameos From Veteran Actors During Season 4 of Insecure

Ever since Kobe Bryant died the world has literally been flipped upside down.

Black people have been trying to survive in white America for the past thousands of years, then the entire world was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic about three months into 2020.

Although there’s a global stay-at-home order in place, that didn’t stop bigots and police officers from abusing their power and taking the lives of unarmed Black men and women at an alarming rate.

The combination of boredom from being confined in the house for quarantine, mixed with the influence of Black Twitter created the perfect recipe for the long-overdue revolt that we’re witnessing today.

As a Black woman who hopes to have a son one day, it’s exhausting and traumatizing to see countless Black lives lost, and institutions just sweeping it under the rug. But every Sunday night for about 30 minutes, Issa Rae lowkey helps me forget about the ugliness of the world.

The fourth season is coming to an end tonight and so many themes were touched on including self-development, best friend breakups, rekindling with exes, and more. But my personal favorite, subtle touch to the season was the cameos from the veteran actors from Black Hollywood.

Lowkey Feeling Myself

Paula Jai Parker made a cameo in the very first episode. She’s best known for her role in the hood classic film, Friday, and went on to star in other 90s flicks like Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood and Sprung. She also famously voiced Penny Proud’s graceful mother, Trudy, in the Disney animated series, The Proud Family.

Lowkey Distant

Teri Vaughn makes recurring cameos this season as a host of the show, Looking for Latoya. Vaughn is known for her distinct voice and her portrayal of Lovita Aliza Jenkins Robinson on The Steve Harvey Show.

Lowkey Thankful

Apparently Malcolm David Kelly, better known as Lil Saint, has been Molly’s little brother the entire season. But I’m late to the party.

But this episode also introduced Issa’s mother, played by Wendy Raquel, who clearly ages like fine wine. She starred alongside Vaugh on The Steve Harvey Show, but the younger generation knows her as Tasha Mack from The Game.

And to the surprise of many, Masika Kalysha, also made a cameo as the promiscuous sister-in-law. The influencer got her start appearing in music videos like Field Mob’s 2006 single, “So What.” She went on to star on Love and Hip Hop and now she’s a professional clap backer.

Lowkey Movin’ On

Amine, Sir, and Vince Staples all made cameos in the fifth episode but the purpose of this article is to give flowers to the Black actors who shaped our childhood.

Jermaine Williams who played “Mushmouth” in the live-action Fat Albert movie learned how to talk and took a job as Vince Staples’ manager on Insecure


Lowkey Done

Brent Jennings made a cameo in this episode as a hilarious old man who Issa was guilted into driving to his destination. The 69-year-old starred in Life alongside Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Lowkey Trippin’

The lovely Kim Fields made a return to the small screen on this episode as another tourist in Mexico who is healing from a breakup.

I’m not sure if I missed any other notable actors but let me know in the comments.

These 10 weeks flew right by and there’s no telling when Insecure is going to return in the midst of the coronavirus. It’s easy to forget about the Rona during these unprecedented, dangerous times for Black communities, but Insecure provided a well-needed half-hour of Black joy.

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