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Cam’Ron’s Longtime Girlfriend, Tawasa Harris, Passes Away

Cam’Ron’s Longtime Girlfriend, Tawasa Harris, Passes Away

Cam'Ron Baby's Mother, Tawasa Harris, Passes Away

Following Cam’Ron’s split from Juju in 2017, he announced that his old flex was his new flex and they’re working on it.

The rapper got back with his baby’s mother and longtime friend, Tawasa Harris. They looked like they were happy in their reunion, but unfortunately, time wasn’t on their side.

It’s with great sadness to announce that Harris passed away. There aren’t any details of how or when exactly she died. But one indication that we have to prove that the tragic news is true, is that people are commenting “RIP” under her recent pictures.

Cam’Ron hasn’t publicly commented on the situation, but it’s safe to say he’s going through it.

Our condolences are with them and their family during this hard time.