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DMX Returns To Billboard Charts Following Untimely Death

DMX Returns To Billboard Charts Following Untimely Death

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After the recent passing of famous rapper DMX his music is now  back on the charts. 

Following the recent events, fans of the rapper have streamed and listened to his music. By streaming not just favorite songs but even albums, data indicates that the surge went up to 928%.

In homage to his memory, fans began to revisit some classics that include “Ruff Ryders Anthem,” and “Party up.” Up until recently, these songs made their way back onto the number one and two spots on Itunes. 

Billboard also teased us with a glance in the numbers. The “Ruff Ryders Anthem” going at 9.59 million streams, “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” at 5.79 million, and “Slippin” at 5.52 million streams. 

To this day fans still share love and stories the artist shared with them. They continue to send love and support to DMX’s loved ones as well as continue to reminisce about his music. The ever so popular artist making more history by ranking high in the charts yet again even after his passing.

While the family continues to grieve in private DMX daughter shares a heartfelt tweet. 

She says in her post, “Nothing will ever explain how I feel. How this all feels. My twin, i love you. Theres always been so many misconceptions about who the fuck you were but that didnt matter because i knew who  the fuck you were. Eternally grateful to have had you. I love you forever dad.” 

The legendary artist passed away on 

You can read more on his passing right here. You can also read the love and posts other fellow artists had for him right here. And while we are here, make sure to keep yourself updated over his reported new album. Something he worked on and will now leave behind as another part of his wonderful and memorable legacy.

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