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JAY-Z Says He’s ‘Smoking On The Parlux Pack Tonight’ Following Legal Win

JAY-Z Says He’s ‘Smoking On The Parlux Pack Tonight’ Following Legal Win

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A Manhattan jury has found Jay-Z, not guilty of breaching an endorsement deal with Parlux for a “Gold Jay-Z” fragrance brand by neglecting to properly promote it, allowing him to avoid paying $67 million in penalties. The trial that went on for three and two hours of deliberation, where Parlux also accused Jay -Z of deleting e-mails which they believed to be evidence that could’ve been used against him. But Jay spoke out during the hearing, saying:

“You have me on trial from something I didn’t do. did a lot for the Gold Jay-Z launch. I had a year to complete these [obligations], correct? I don’t know if you answered my question. I had a year to complete these right?” Jay-Z denied the accusations, saying he fulfilled his obligations under the agreement despite numerous missteps from Parlux that threatened to damage his personal brand.

The verdict also included  Jay-Z suing the company claiming that he was still owed $2.7 million of what Parlux offered him initially. He was asking for approximately $6 million in royalties he said he was still owed under the deal. That was also denied, no money was awarded to Parlux or JAY-Z. “You failed to prove your case, they failed to prove their case,” Justice Andrew Borrok told an attorney for Parlux after the verdict was announced. “You’re excused.”

According to Billboard, following the jury’s verdict, Jay-Z said: “I’d like to express my gratitude to the jury, especially during these difficult times.”Wednesday’s verdict came after nearly six years of litigation over “Gold Jay-Z,” which the superstar launched in 2013 through a partnership with Parlux, which had previously launched licensed fragrances with other major artists like Rihanna.

Parlux responded to the verdict by saying that it “believes it presented a strong case and is disappointed that the jury rendered a verdict today finding that neither side proved breach by the other.”

Jay -Z walked out the manhattan courtroom happy with the outcome jokingly saying smoking on a Parlux pack TONIGHT

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Jay Z says he’s smoking on a Parlux pack TONIGHT after his court appearance pic.twitter.com/B77pEdK1Qh

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