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The Story on Beyonce Pregnancy Reveal Outfit

The Story on Beyonce Pregnancy Reveal Outfit


At the 2011 VMA’s Beyonce’s pregnancy reveal outfit was one of the most historical moments in pop history.

But not many know that there is a stressful story attached to this legendary reveal.

Tina Knowles-Lawson is a famous designer who created outfits for her Destiny’s Child mates and her own children. And in a recent Instagram post, she has now opened up on the story of how this wonderful reveal created a stressful moment hours before the performance.

She opens up her story stating that while that night was amazing and beautiful, it was up until two hours before showtime that they noticed the pants did not fit. While they were stretchy and she had adjusted them. Beyonce still felt uncomfortable as they were not stretchy enough anymore.

She continues on to say she had to rapidly DIY the pants. After visiting various maternity shops and adjusting. It worked.

Beyonce was able to go on stage, open her jacket, showed her stomach and finally the fashion idol felt relief.

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She says, ” It was the best feeling in the world to her (Beyonce) show the whole world that tummy❤️❤️”

You can see the entire post here and read it for yourself.

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