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Top Music Festivals For Indie Artists To Attend

Top Music Festivals For Indie Artists To Attend

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As many of us miss music festivals because of the COVID pandemic many artists lost their chance to experience the life of performing. And as the world slowly opens up in 2021, there are now new possible options for performances as an indie artist. As an indie artist performing and getting experience is vital to be able to enhance your reputation and growth as a musician. And now as summer is close and things open up it is time to consider applying and perform at festivals.

Festivals are truly an amazing experience. Not only as an audience member but as a performer. As an audience member at indie festivals, you experience various types of genres of music. From reggae to rock there is always something you are bound to love. As a performer, you gain experience, fans, and more important connections. 

As the world and festivals slowly open up here are some festivals you need to look out for: 

The Indie Music Festivals

  1. Firefly Music Festival 

The Firefly Music Festival this year is on September 23-26 in Dover, Delaware. The Firefly Festival always contains one of the most amazing lineups and events. As well as promoting and allowing underground rappers the chance to perform. In addition, they also create an environment for vendors and creators. As one of the biggest events on the east coast, various famous artists have performed there from Post Malone to Bob Dylan, Firefly is a great festival to go to and perform. 

  1. The Underground Music Showcase

The name says it all: a showcase about the new, best, underground music around. Located in Denver, Colorado this is a great festival to go to as an indie artist. The reason being is that showcases like this were created for the underground indie artist trying to make it. The audience here is not looking for the same song or popular artist, they are curious about the new. So when coming to perform come with everything you have and bring the best. The audience here will eventually hope to find a favorite new artist.

3. Pitchfork Music Festival

Going 15 years strong the Pitchfork Festival is a grand event located in Chicago Illinois. The Pitchfork Festival is flexible for many ages and performers, ranging from underground indie artists to legends. What makes this festival great is that they are affordable and have great promotion. They promote not just their artist but their community. They also have a fair where they sell records, which can include yours if you wish to sell your physical copies.

  1. Bottle Rock Napa Valley

Located in Napa Valley, this fancy event is great for many indie artists. A more extravagant and “fancy” event, it is still an event that even performers like Logic, Bruno Mars, and One Republic have performed in. They offer various sponsors and events that can get you connections or promotions on their business. Their even this year is on September 3-5 and tickets and inquiries are available now.

  1. SummerFest

An 11-day long festival it is officially stated as the longest festival via the Guinness Book of World Records. This festival has 11 stages of music, events with food and drink, as well as proper accommodations for all the visitors. The lineup consists of more than 100 artists. While this is a huge event, it can be a great experience not just as a visitor but as a performer. If you get accepted this is a chance to see the backend and workings of an event this big. 

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