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“White Lives Matter” Rally Appear Nationwide

“White Lives Matter” Rally Appear Nationwide

White lives matter protest

Huntington Beach is just one of the many places that have police surrounding the areas in search of unlawful “white lives matter” rallies. 

On the morning of April 11, several hundred people began to gather around the pier. The rally was to start at 1 pm but by 2:30 the police declared the gathering as unlawful. Instantly the police began to ask demonstrators to disperse. At that time authorities sent alerts to those in the community ordering them to leave the area or risk arrest. 

Within this announcement, officials declared that there were distributions of pamphlets from the KKK, a white supremacist organization. This organization has been a part of various controversies that have channeled anger and terrorized groups especially those of color and religion. To this day there have been signatures and demands to make this group an official terrorist group. 

As the group settled and dispersed it picked up again around 1 pm this time rowdier. FIlled with Trump protests and counter-protesters the tense rally broke a boiling point where there were some altercations and scuffles. At this location currently stores and restaurants considered to close down to not start a riot or worse.

As the story is developing and social media platforms share their thoughts on these events. 

As this rally happened there were various other locations that had more unsuccessful rallies. After the efforts were announced and locations were uncovered hardly anyone showed up to locations like New Mexico, Philadelphia, and North Carolina. In fact, these locations had more counter-protestors than those who planned the original event.

The Lackluster “White Lives Matter” Event

This location being Philadelphia where counters protestors enjoyed a nice meal in expectance of an organized rally.

NYC a small group formed.

A Forth Worth thread also kept updates on their location.

As stories and rallies keep developing the social media world was left to wonder what is next.

For the location in Huntington Beach, some were arrested and detained while others yelled and protested against each other.